Michelangelo Ceglia’s Profile

Michelangelo Ceglia, is a Civil Engineer with a M.Sc. in Concrete Pathology. He is the senior Engineer, Designer, Calculator and Founder of MCKIT Engineering Ltd.. Mr. Ceglia has worked on a wide array of projects in both the public and private sector. He has been the director and resident engineering in charge of the construction of luxury hotels such as that of the Five-Star Sonesta Hotel and Cristal Casino in Aruba which is now the Renaissances Aruba Resort & Casino. To the entire construction of the Sugar Ridge Hotel in Antigua, its residential area, concrete roads, 85,000 gallon capacity concrete water tank and the utility services incorporation. Some public projects include the sewage water treatment plant for Sir Vivian Richard Stadium in Antigua, the National Sport Complex in Belize with a capacity of 4,000 seats and the new departure terminal and the extension of the arrival terminal, 10,000 sq. m of apron and the parallel taxiway of the PSW Goldson International Airport, at Belize, all to the FAA Standards. He also worked in the original concrete platform surface of the taxiway in V.C Bird International Airport during 1999-2002, funded by the Kuwait Fund. Today his company continues to provide ample range of services in designing, executing, inspecting and consulting civil projects. He is currently working in the North Sound Housing Project, in Antigua, along with some other private projects.

About Us

Before MCKIT Engineering Ltd. even existed as it is nowadays, the team was already managing the design and construction of 700 fully efficient low income houses on behalf of the Government of Belize, as well as the construction of the National Sport Complex with a capacity of 4,000 seats. By 1998 the team engineers were the project managers for the construction of the new departure terminal, the extension of the arrival terminal, the apron and the parallel taxi way of the PSW Goldson International Airport at Belize.


After fulfilling in record time and exceptional quality the project in Belize, the team was subcontracted by Kuwaiti Construction Company, Al-Kharafi and Sons in a joint venture, to build the new parallel taxiway at the V.C. Bird International Airport in Antigua and Barbuda.


Finally, already as MCKIT Engineering Ltd our team was responsible for the construction of Sugar Ridge’s commercial and residential areas, including its entire infrastructure and the installation of all of its services. In addition, on behalf of the Government of Antigua and Barbuda we were contacted to build 79 Middle Income houses.


The company has developed the architectural and structural designed of the Football Development Complex in Montserrat, on behalf of the Montserrat Football Association Inc., and a variety of private project in different Caribbean Island as Guadalupe and Anguilla.


Recently we’ve being working with the Colombian cement company, Argos, in their distribution plant in Antigua: we have sandblasted their silos, painted them, constructed and assembled a new dust machine including its foundation, and we have made a great number of repairs all around the plant in all hours and scenarios. Not only do we have skilled welders and knowledgeable engineers that are capable of tackling a wide range of work but we are responsible, reliable, and if there is an emergency we would work at the time necessary to meet our client’s need.


Beside general contractors, we have also an association with steel structure suppliers, where we design the steel structure to meet the requirements and produce it upon the necessities of the project –this being bridges, warehouses, houses and up to eight story buildings which can take the form of hotels and/or condominium.


Our Strengths and Values

1- Understanding and interpreting the client’s needs

2- Projects execution in accordance with:

- Quality

- Economy

- Safety

- The Environment

3- Total commitment to the client’s time schedule


MCKIT Engineering Ltd. is a general contractor that has been working for over 25 years in the construction industry in Venezuela, Central America, the Caribbean and Africa. Its professional record and growth are closely associated with a development of different major projects, based on efficiency, liability and quality, undertaken in the public and private sectors.


To become one of the major construction companies in the region through our hard work, efficiency and reliability.


Non of this would be possible without:

1- Human resource: experienced Architects, Mechanical, Hydraulic and Civil engineers.

2- Economic soundness and financial capability

3- Execution capacity

4- Own infrastructure and equipment